Hunchback Zombie



Appearance changes:

10,25,35,45,60 and 65nds


Smashes plants instead of eating them


Umbrella Leaf,Clover

First seen:

level 7-5

I,Zombie cost:




Hunchback Zombie smashes Plants when he gets near them. He has a big sledgehammer that in one kind it is a metalic sledgehammer which will does 90 ndbs and sometimes it is a wooden sledgehammer which does 50 ndbs. He is one of the fastest zombies. Also he's cloth will tear on 10 nds, 25nds and loses it at 35 nds. Then loses hand in 45 nds and loses head on 65 nds.

Suburban AlmanacEdit

Hunchback Zombie smashes plants.

Health: 65 nds

Toughness: high

Special: Smashes plants instead of eating them.

Hunchback Zombie was Dr. Viktor Frankestein's Igor slave that died and turned into the Igor Zombie. He has an incredible power that can hold dozen of sledgehammers with one hand.

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